Slavery Investigation



You are investigating Slavery in the United States. You are going to go back in time and dig deep to learn more about the experiences of enslaved people, who were they, why were they enslaved, who did this benefit, why was it wrong?


Through your investigation you will meet former slaves and hear them tell their stories. You will need to take notes as you listen to their stories..  


Your task is to create a short presentation (3-4 slides) in your Google Docs describing through words and pictures what you have uncovered in your investigation. 


Below are the links you are to use in your investigation. 


Enslaved Narratives 


Enslaved Memories


The enslaved family life


Decision the enslaved had to make


A year in the life of the enslaved



Questions to answer on each slide of your presentation:


Slide 1: 


Who was enslved?


Slide two 2:


Why were they enslved?


Slide 3 : 


Who benefited from people being enslaved?


Slide 4: 


What did you uncover in your investigation?