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Student 6

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

Bill Bedinger

student studying Civil Rights and Little Rock 9


What happened to Elizabeth Eckford makes me so angry. I think what happened here in in Little Rock on September 4, 1957 is horrifying. I'm glad that no one was hurt back then. I'm also glad that the lady in the mob around the school, Hazel Massery, apologized to Elizabeth Eckford. I think this event proved how bad it was for African Americans and how whites wanted all the power. The whites basically went mad for power! This probably changed me because if anything else might have happened, who knows? A lot of people that I go to school with may not be there at school. I think this event helped but also hurt the quest for racial equality. This event helped the quest for racial equality because it showed how much the whites hated desegregation so much that it kind of motivated the NAACP to try even harder. But this also hurt the quest because it may have discouraged the followers of the NAACP because the whites hated integration. I think that it was hard to be an African American student at an all white school because you get made fun of so much and called so many mean names and you could never fit in because you have gaurds standing around you all the time. If I was in Elizabeth's place I would be freaking out and I would never be able to fall asleep again and would have nightmares forever.


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