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Second Bull Run 2

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August 31st, 1862

  My dearest Mary Anna,

     Life on the battlefield has been harder than ever, but I have gotten many things out of it, some good and some bad. Yesterday on the battlefield, I went through a moment that completely changed my view of life. I learned to rely on God and life itself. As my regiment was fighting, I got shot by a bullet on my hip. That moment, my whole life raced through my mind, and I thought I was gone for good. And then something unbelievable happened, something so unbelievable that no one can explain it, no one except God. A bible resting in my pocket saved my life, it saved me. The bullet hit the bible and the bullet bounced off the bible, preventing me from seeing my day of death. I thought my life had ended, but by thy grace of God, my life continued on, and so my dearest Mary Anna that's how I am able to be here, not physically, but with you in my letter, with you in my words, with you in my writing. In this letter, my words speak from love, my love for you. -Claire Martin


    It was a beautiful and promising day of hope on the 28th of August in the year 1862. We fought in Manassas, Virginia, the same place as the First Battle of Bull Run. I knew I was soon to face a long, hard day ahead of me. All I could do was pray with all my heart, and listen to the jokes of my troops. The first day's fighting was bloody, gruesome, harsh, and many men died. Blood was gushing on many of my soldier's bodies, and I could hear my heart beating with fear. On the battlefield, hundreds of men had dropped dead, and I couldn't do a thing about it. I saw the same replay over and over again, men dropping to the ground. The battle went on and on, and felt as if it would never, ever end. It seemed as if there was no object, we just fought, and fought. Finally, it was put to a stop, and the first day's fighting ended in a no-winner. So, we would have to meet again with the Union army and end the battle. -Claire Martin


    Mary Anna, I must confess I have fought with many generals, many which I must confess have been much better than I. I have fought with General Robert E. Lee for so long I haven't considered the other generals. General John Pope and General Robert E. Lee were all in this battle. Also, me, Thomas Jackson who I must admit in the most humble way, Mary Anna, I am a rather well-trained and hardworking general.-Katie Dragone


    My troops and I met again with the Union army when Union General John Pope discovered us along an unfinished railroad grade. Pope launched his troops against us, but the attacks were stopped, because both sides were losing so many men. It was a sad, sad day because so many of my soldiers were swept away right there in my presence. On the battlefield, supplies were scarce. Hour by hour, we had less and less. I needed the battle to be over; we needed the battle to be over. We needed it to be over, for the sake of our loved ones. I'm not just doing this for me, or for our children and you, but I’m fighting in this war, for all those who need slavery to stay alive, for everyone apart of the Confederacy. - Claire Martin


    On the third day's fighting, we crushed the Union army's troops, and forced them to retreat. We had defeated the Union. We had won a three day battle againist the Union. We had won. The three day battle was on the 28th, the 29th, and the 30th. My troops and I had accomplished one of the hardest things we have had to do. Even though it was one of the bloodiest, battles I’ve ever experienced, I felt like I was flying. Every single soldier of mine had worked as hard as they could, and they all deserve the pleasure and the celebration. I feel blessed to be able to be apart of such a dedicated, and superior army, a family. -Claire Martin


    The Confederate victory of the Second Battle of Bull Run affects the war because it made the Union realize that our army is strong, and is together in everything we do. Basically, we intimidated the North! It also made Robert E. Lee decide to take the war to the North. Also, it is as simple as, it was an amazing, major victory so it will benefit us, the South towards winning the war, and it contributed to our victories, which will help us in winning the Civil War. -Claire Martin


    I have faced many hardships throughout this war, but I am able to go foreword.  We were in a hurry to leave, for my regiment was needed further down south but we could not leave. I do not mean to disgust you, my love, but our campsite was rather gory. We had numerous men in our makeshift hospitals and our doctor had performed 46 amputations. While many men were in the hospitals, others were trying to occupy themselves in camp. One of their favorite games is lice racing. It is rather disgusting watching them, but in a way it relieves me that they might find happiness in a time of such poverty and loss. We have so many food shortages and transportation problems. Many starve for our main meals are one cracker and "soup" which is made up of water and a few rotten vegetables. We are grateful for the food that we do get, but at the same time we are begging for more. If only I could come back home to Virginia and sleep in a real bed for a little while and taste your delightful cooking. -Kaitlin Kahrs



   We had the same advantages in the beginning, Pope had the element of surprise, but our army was a strong one. People call me “Stonewall Jackson” because I held my army as strong as a stone wall. Later in our battle we had the advantage because Pope had lost many men and couldn't prevent the unity of our army. In the Second Battle of Bull Run, in total, we lost 22,180 men, 13,830 for the Union, and my army, the Confederates, lost 8,350 men. -Katie Dragone



   My love, I wish I could write more, but it is time for me to go. I ask my dear, that whatever you do please do not worry or fret about me; I am filled with confidence, and joy. It gives me joy knowing that I am not only fighting for my loved ones, but I am fighting for a community. I am fighting not only for the people of the present, but for the people of the future. I am fighting to save their lives and to lead the way for the men of the future, for the people of the future, which fills me with the greatest kind of joy, a fulfilling joy. I have seen a myriad of men die and hundreds of men leave. The loss of thousands of soldiers leaves me with emptiness, an ache of pain. But, I will stay and fight for slavery, and especially for those men we have lost in the war. And so Mary Anna, that is my choice and that is the choice I will make. Give my love to Ma and Pa, the rest of our family, and to all those suffering. Keep me in your heart forever more, and I will always do the same for you.-Claire Martin

 Everlasting love to all,

Thomas Jackson,

your husband


 P.S. Your love has guided me through these tough times, and I will never be able to repay you for that. God bless you Mary Anna Morrison, and God bless all of my family and children.

Love Always,

"Stonewall Jackson."

-Claire Martin

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