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Some people say that God's will and love protects us all. Others say, that only the pure, gain God's wisdom and blessings. In todays sermon you will learn that the truth is that everyone is Gods Prophet no matter who they are. In 1941 a boy was born helpless and young: little did he know he was about to become a martyr for the civil rights movement sparking boycotts, sit-ins, and marches. Today I will speak of the late Emmet Till. He was a good slightly mischevious boy who was simply living a normal life of a typical 14-year old. He met an early end at the hands of to men who believed in the same God as we do, but they have there own agenda.

Emmett Till

In Money, Mississippi on a summer visit 1955 a 14-year-old boy named Emmet died a violent death. Emmet was Chicago born and knew nothing of the harsh reality of every day life in the South for our colored brothers and sister. His story follows many tracks and no one man knows exactly what happened. Mr. Till is acused of offending a white woman, Mrs. Carolyn Bryant. Some say he only bought gum and whistled, some say he grabbed the woman's hand and asked for a date, and still others say he did both, whatever the cause there was the same outcome.


According to reports Mr. Till was taken from his home and beaten senseless, shot and killed. His body was found with one eye gouged out, his head crushed in with a bullet buried in the center and his legs bound with barbed wire. What a horrific sight to behold! Poor Mr. Till did not die at the tender age of fourteen at hands of balled fists, hard leather soles, or bullet to the head. Instead, young Till died from the cruelty and hatred of his fellow man. He died from the cold hearts and ignorant minds of the South. He died because of the fears of the white society. He died because he was a young boy who did not know his place. He died from the unfair laws and practices of the Southern establishment.


Even now a year later we morn Emmet Till. We all went to the open casket funeral to see what had become of his body. Within some, it lit a fire of purpose telling us to fight to prevent more senseless deaths like this. For others it opened there eye to the inhumane acts that we every day inflict upon our fellow brother. For some it opened there eys to the change that needed to occur in the South. Be still my peoplee we are not yet done for we must thank the one who has lit those fires within us. Today we thank Mrs. Mamie Till for allowing the world to put a face on the cruelty of the south. We see that mask as an evil thing we must hate. But no my brothers and sisters we must match a mask of hate with a mask of love. We must see past fear and rash acts and see the our fellow man within monsters. We must stand tall as soldiers in the battle for justice no matter how long it takes. So I say to you Mr. Till was a civilian and was not ready to become the soldier he became. He paid the ultimate price anyone can pay he gave his life for a battle he was not fighting.

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