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Period 6 - Watson

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Jessica Pritchard

1. If you were from the South, would you bundle up your kids as much as Kenny's mom did to thim? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think that Byron is so mean to Kenny? Explain.

Jack Stevens...

1. If your son was always picked on and made fun at school because of Lazy Eye, how would you take action?

2. What must have been going through L.J's mind stealing toy dinosaurs from somebody who is somewhat crippled?



1. What would you do if you went to Clark elementary and were really smart and had a lazy eye. how would you feel about being teased? what would you do about it?

2. What wouold you do if your dinosaurs got stolen by L.J.?


Connor Reynolds...


1) Byron Does alot of mean things especially to Kenny. Kenny doesn't tell on him because he would get beaten up later by Byron. Would you tell on the things he did? Why or why not?


2) Would you enjoy being Kenny being taken from classroom to classroom having to read from books and then later being made fun of? Why or Why not?


Mary Martha-

1) How would it feel to go to one school all your life and the only friend you ever had was a theif and he stole your stuff?


2) If you were in Joetta's place when her mother was burning Byron would you have protected him even though you knew he deserved it and you knew how mean he was to other kids? Why or why not?


Tori Cole-

1) Why do you think Rufus was so upset when Kenny laughed at a mean joke? Explain.


2) Why do you think Byron is so much nicer to Joey and not Kenny? Do you think he Byron is just doing this to be annoying? Why or why not? Explain.


Samantha Westmoreland-

1. Why didn't Kenny stop L.J. from stealing his plastic dinosaurs?

2. Why was Byron so tempted to keep lighting matches?


Robert Houghton-

1. How do you think Kenny felt after Larry Dunn, who stole his gloves because he had tattered clothes that did not keep him warm, got beaten up by Byron?

2. Why do you think Byron kept starting fires even after his mother swore to burn him if he did it again?


Ben Flood-

1. How would you feel if you were L.J.'s friend and he kert stealing you dinosaurs?

2. Why does byron be mean to kenny? Explain with examples.


Morris Lewis-

1. What what would you do if your brothers gloves got stolen and you know who stole them?

2. What do you think was going through Kenny's mind when he first saw Rufus and his brother?


Drew Williams-

1. Why does Byron make fun of Kenny? Is it because he has a lazy eye?

2. Why did Byron keep lighting matches?


Charlie Ingram-

1. If you were Kenny's mom and you knew his friend was stealing from him, what would you do?

2. Why do you think Byron is nice to Joey (Joetta) but not Kenny?



Robert Houghton-

1. Why do you think Byron, the big bully, cried after hitting and killing the bird with the cookie?

Whitney Granberry-

*Do you think Mr. or Mrs. Watson will ever find out that Byron bought 2 bags of cookies? What do you think they will do if they ever find out?


Mary Martha~

Even though Byron is a bully, do you think Byron really deserved to be burned? If you acted like Byron all the time would your mother try to burn you?


Ben Flood-

If you were in byrons mom what would you do about the burning matches sitation?

Would you burn byron?


Morris Lewis

Have you ever used matches when you weren't suppose to and why?

If you were in Kenny's situation would your tell your mom that your older brother was playing with matches ?


Bill B-

what would you do if you were Kenny when Byron played with matches. would you keep Joetta from blowing out the matches, or would you stop Momma altogether?


Bill B

chapters 7&8

1. what do you think caused Byron to Puke? The apples or the cookies?

2. What would you do if your dad shaved all your hair of and you had a chrome dome?

Connor Reynolds-


Why do you think that Byron dug a grave and entombed the dead bird in it?

Chapters 7-10



Why do you think Mr. and Mrs. Watson were so calm when Byron got a "butter".


Why do you think Mr. Watson makes a joke out of every single thing he says? If you were him, would you?

-Samantha Westmoreland


 Why do you think Byron is so rambuncious? Do you think he is doing these things to get attention? Explain.

-Tori Cole


If you were Mrs. Watson do youi think that you would have made a schedule for the trip as organized as it was? Do you think you would had ever made a schedule to begin with?

-Tori Cole


What do you think might had happened if Byron had never talked on the trip? Do you think he would have  gotten in trouble? Explain why or why not.

-Tori Cole


If Byron had told you the story about the crackers and the rednecks would you be afraid even if you weren't using the bathroom in the dark woods?

-Tori Cole


Do you think it is right and or funny that Mr. Watson keeps making fun of Mrs. Watson and living in the south? Do you think he really means it or if he is just playing?

-Tori Cole


Pretend that you are one of the characters. Which character would you be? Why would you like to be that character and how would you feel knowing that you were going down to see your grandmother who you heard was very strict? Explain. 

-Tori Cole


If you were Byron would you still act coolwhen you heard the news about staying in Alabama for a while, or would you srop the cool act and try to act better while you were around your family now before you went to Alabama?

-Tori Cole


Why do you think Mr. Watson bought the Ultra-Glide if he knew it was too expensive?

-Whitney Granberry


 If you were By how would you feel about the situation. explain with examples.


Why did momma and dad start acting strange after talking to Grandma Sands

(Hogan Barnes)


What would your punishment have been if you had done like  Byron and "buttered" your hair even though your parents told you you couldn't?

-Mary Martha


If you were in Kenny's place and you had Byron as a brother and Joey as a sister, and you were going on a road trip to Alabama, what feelings would be going through your head and why?

-Robert Houghton


Why do you think Byron is being so mean to Kenny? Is he just trying to be cool? Also, what do you think would happen if you told on him? Explain.

- Drew Williams

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