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Period 2  -Watson

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Watson Disscussion Questions

Period 2


What are the two reasons that Kenny is made fun of?


What is a Maytag wash? explain thourghly

-Mathew Byers


Do you think Kenny likes having Rufus Fry over and what did Kenny notice without Rufus around?


Why did Rufus leave Kenny on the bus? (What did the other person say and who said it.)

-Anna W


Mothers love their children more than anything, then why did Mrs. Watson want to burn Byron's fingers?


Why do you think Kenny felt sorry for Joetta when Byron's finger were going to get burned?

-Caroline Kenny


What kind of a personality does Kenny have? How is his personality different from Byron's?


What do you think the atmosphere is like being in the Watson family?

-Ellie Sherman


Why did Byron punch Kenny?


Why didn't kenny like to play dinosaurs with LJ Jones? Why does he like playing with Rufus?


Why did people make fun of Rufus.

-Braden Young


Can you conclude anything about the Jim Crow Laws in Flint, Michigan? Are there any?

What would you do if your friend was being made fun of? Would you risk being made fun of yourself, and stand up for him/her, or would you do nothing? Explain Why or Why not.

-Claire Martin


Why did Joey keep Momma from burning Byron's fingers?

-Matthew Bishop


Do you think that Kenny and Rufus will be friends for long after the incident on the bus?

-Royce Jones II


Who is cody and how does he play a signifigant role in the first five chapters?

-Royce Jones II


Why do you think Kenny is suprised to hear that Rufus and Cody shoot squirrels with real guns that shoot actual bullets?

-Mac Wiesner


Why do you think that when they are out in public Byron and Buphead aare nice to Kenny, but not when they are at their house?

-Mac Wiesner


Compare and Contrast Byron from Kenny?

-Bear Jameson



Which one has a rougher life. Explain why?

-Bear Jameson



Why is Kenny disappointed when By doesn't do anything to Grandma Sands?

-Matthew Bishop


Why do you think that Byron wanted to play with matches again? Do you think that he was just testing his mom? Why or why not?

-Ellie Sherman



Caroline Kenny:

Why do you think Byron was embarrased to tell Kenny that he was crying?


Do you think Byron might be insecure? Why or why not

-Kaitlin Kahrs


Michelle Morel:

1. Why did momma want to burn Byron?

2. Why do you think Joetta stood p for Byron, even when she promsed that she would let her mother burn him?


Why did Bryon get in so much trouble for? explain -MAthew Byers


If you were in the spot of Kenny would you help Byron when he was throwing up or getting his fingers burned? why, or why not...would u be scared he would hurt you? ~julia selman


Claire Martin:

1. If your brother or sister, or even your friend was doing something that you knew was wrong, would you tell on them, and risk being beaten up or teased ("tattle tail")? Explain why or why not.

2. Would you protect your sibling, if they were about to get majorly punished? (Like Byron and the burning)~Claire Martin


Bear Jameson: If you were kenny and you saw byron getting his fingers burned, because of you would you think you would would get beat up by byron. Or do you think your mom would always be there for you?


Kaite dragone:

When Byron was about to get his finger burned do you think that he was scared and was thinking to himself that he would never do this again??? Why?


Why do you think that Joetta, even though Byron is not very nice to her and Kenny is, she protects Byron, not Kenny? Explain why or why not. -Grace Horlock


Why do you think that Byron likes to light matches even though his mother says not to. Explain why or why not.

-Mac Wiesner



Why do you think Byron wanted to change his hair?? Was it pressure from Buphead??

~julia selman


Do you think it was fair of Byron's dad to shave his head? Why?-- Katie Dragone


Why did By become polite to Grandma Sands?

~Matthew Bishop


What are the tree reasons that by has to go to Alabama?

- mathew byers


1.Why do you think Kenny is concerned about Byron staying with Grandma Sands? If your brother was like Byron, and bullied you all the time, would you be worried about him staying with someone like Grandmas Sands?

2.Byron goes crazy when he sees the outhouses, and he realizes that down South they don't have toilets inside the house. If you went to a place that you didn't know a lot about, and was much different from your neighborhood, do you think you would be able to adapt to the new enviroment, and ways of doing stuff? Would it be hard or easy?

3.A lot of times people who gossip about others, and make fun of  others, act stupid, etc., do this because they are insecure about themselves. They are afraid that if they show their true potential, people will make fun of them. These kinds of people are afraid to be themselves, so they pick on others. Do you think the reason Byron acts the way he does, is always looking for trouble, and makes fun of people is because he is insecure about himself? Why or why not. Do you think this is the reason why Mr. and Mrs. Watson sent Byron to live with Grandma Sands? (So, he can become more confident in himself, and show his true potential?) Explain why or why not.

~Claire Martin

 What was Byron trying to do when he asked Mrs. and Mr. Watson if he could get a new hair style (why did he want it different ?)

- Royce Jones II


What do you think will happen to Byron when he moves from Flint in the North to Alabama in the South? Do you think he will realize he needs to grow up and be careful in life because of segragation and desicions??? Why or why not?


How so you think Bryon felt when he dyed his hair red and knew he was going to get in trouble? Why do you think Bryon would do something crazy like that and many other trouble resulting issues?


Do you think Byrons parents make the right desicion to send him to Alabama with his strict gramdma or do you think he is still to young to see how terrible segregation is?

   -Anna White 

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