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Norhtern College Student

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago

I'm just a normal little mouse, leading a tiny little life. I don't want much, just for my little girl to grow up and be healthy, though I wouldn't mind if those humans got along for awhile. I would say I am rather a more religious mouse; after all, I do live in the 16th Street Baptist Church. I attend the services there every Sunday. Everything was always peaceful there... until now. I do not know what would be so hateful a reason as to result in this terror that those humans live in. We mice do not fight because of our fur color. My family has never experienced any enmity of any type, except of course my papa, who was fighting for food with his parents when he was little. Why I bother even keeping up with the humans and their problems, I do not know. My, I probably should stop talking about their problems, but now, they just went to far.



The day that the bomb wet off, it might have had a heart attack. I had just come back from the church service and was starting to make lunch. Lucy, my daughter, was playing on the floor by my paw. It was around in the morning. Suddenly we herd a noise. Lucy started to cry and I ran to take a peek out of our hole. The humans were running around and screaming. Only about two feet from the hole's opening a giant shard of stained glass shattered and hit my paw. I grabbed Lucy and scampered towards the door of the church. Since I have lived here so long, I new all the passageways in the church. The quickest way to the door was through the girl’s bathroom. What I saw was almost to horrible for words. Four girls had fallen down on the floor. Each looked like they were in pain. As I ran out the doorway, trying to escape, I heard one of the girls cry "Denise, thank you for being therefor me." Those words touched my heart. I wanted to help them but the best I could do was drag a band-aid to them. I knew if I tried to save them my own life would be in jeopardy.



I ran outside with Lucy at my tail, looking for someone to alert about the four girls in the bathroom. Then I remembered, I was a mouse and mice can't talk. There was nothing I could do. I felt pitiful, helpless and most of all sad. I thought about all those familys and people who had been hurt, it hurt me having my small brain thinking about it. As I looked around, I saw white plaster dust surrounding me in in the air. That was only 1 month ago, September 17, 1963 at around 10:22 A.M. The humans are really trying to improv their fighting. I still do not see why they fight but they will stop eventually(I hope). Maybe those humans will realize that it is not okay. But for now, we need to protect ourselves from these horrible things happening.


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