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"It was a sad day, a sad day in Selma in that March 7, 1965. One of the hardest articles in my life to write about without blurting out into emotion and getting fired by the white boss I work for. I keep that article in a compartment under my desk. I even bring it out sometimes, you know, for memories. I have it right here and i'll bring it out for ya'. Just wait here for a second," I said, trying to give one of my bridge friends something to do. I went to my desk and got out the secret drawer. I reached in, being careful not to rip or tear it. It over four decades old so I am always fragile with it. I brought it out and gave it to Ted.

He read aloud, "New York Times: Sunday Paper, March 14, 1965. Hey why does the front page say Selma Delimma?" "You'll see, just read," I said, anxious for Ted to read the artiicle. " Fine, fine. Something shocking happened last Sunday. Much demonstrating was going on in Selma, AL. A black voting rights campain has been tornadoing through the South, but this time an extreme march, from Selma to Montgomery was about to be made. Governer George Wallace had banned the march, but the marchers hearts weren't going to give up just because of that. A group of 600 gathered at the Edmund Pettis Bridge in the heart of Selma to begin the march on the cold and windy day. Spectators such as families, reporters, newcasters, local policemen, and even the cars trying to get through the bridge. Leaders of the march, John Lewis, Hosea Williams, and Martin Luther King Jr. were at the starting point, the front of the bridge, giving a modivational speech to ralley the marchers as they held up their signs, some saying "Voting is equal", others saying things such as " Give me rights or give me death!" All hopes were high and things were going as planned, when all of a sudden, the Governer William's car pulled up. Words from the croud started spraying out like water hoses. "Why is that good for nothing jerk here?" and "Let's get em'," are a couple examples. The governer said, "Now i'm gonna give ya'll one last chance to stop this here march, or ya'll gonna be facin' some consequinses. Angry marchers protested, "Heck no," and "We gonna march and you gonna like it." The governer screamed, " If that's what you want," and with a signal and a whistle, the local state troopers attacked the defenseless demonstraters. Billy clubs, nightsticks and tear gas were the weapons of choice. 17 fell hospitalized, 60 injured, and some dead.

Many rumors have spread that more marches will take place. There has even been rumors that President Johnson will send members of the Alabama State Gaurd to serve as protection for the marchers. We will wait and see and hopefully write about that in our next paper.

In conclusion, please tell your friends and family. The dellimma at Selma will be on the news for a while." There was a pause and Ted started to look kind of sad. I asked Ted if he needed something to drink, and he said sure. I brought him out a Coke and he thanked me. I worked up the courage to tell him a secret I have never told anybody ever before. I sat down and got Ted turned on the T.V. He said," Gotta watch my Cubbies," turning on ESPN. I paused as Kerry wood struck out the struggling Joe Mauer. I whispered, "Ted." "Yeah," he answered. "You want to know something i've never told anyone ever before?" He whispered back," Sure, but only if you want to." I said, " You remember John Lewis, one of the leaders of the march?" "Yeah," he said, "What about him?" "Well......he's my father,....... he died in the hospital from an injury that nowbody knew how to heal. He was hit in the jaw by a nightstick, and while he was lying on the ground, one of the troopers sprayed tear gas in his area. It blew straight into his mouth, in effort to breath, he sucked in the gas and fell unconsious. He never woke up."

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