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Minister 2

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              A True Story for my Sweety Pie

     By: Anna White


         Grandpa, Grandpa please tell me a bed time story please, please... Ok sweety. I am going to tell you a true story that happened a long time ago when I was a young minister in 1957. Sweetheart there might be some violence in this story but, I think you need to know what happened and what it was like to be a African American person during segregation. Here it goes sweety... There I was standing in front of my church after along morning of preaching about freedom to others who needed to gain more hope and faith. Grandpa you were a minister? Oh yeah my little pumpkin when I was young. Well, after all the people left the church I sat down in my office and started to read the newspaper and somethin bout the "Little Rock Nine" I had no idea what was goin on. I could barely read cause African Americans weren't near as well educated as they should be... I was also one of the few African American ministers around. Anyway their I was strugglin to find out about all the chaos goin around bout the "Little Rock Nine" but, many others like myself didn't know what the heck was happenin. I didn't know what to do. So I decided to wait till tomorrow to see bout them "Little Rock Nine."


         There I was layin in bed woken up by people screamin. I said to myself, "I wonder what is going on out there." I was so curious to find out what was all the screamin and yellin was for and if it had to do with the "Little Rock Nine?" Finally I rushed out of bed and through some dirty old clothes on and started to rush outside. When I opened the door thousands of whites where surronding the Central High School yellin and screamin all these cruel words. Who were the screamin and yellin to and why? Grandpa Grandpa wait who were the screamin and yellin at? I can't tell you yet I guess you will have to wait and find out my little sugar plum. Well, back to the story. There I was surronded by many people some yellin and screamin and some other folks like me tryin to figure out what was goin on around here. After askin so many people what was goin on no one knew. So I decided to be brave and weave through the big angry crowds of whites. I didn't know if I should do it cause I might get hurt or somethin cause you know those white folks didn't really like us black folks. I was so curious to see what was happin that I decided to weave through the crowd of whites. Oh grandpa did you get hurt? What was goin on in the middle of the white crowd? Calm down my little chicky I will get to that soon in my story don't worry ok nothin to bad is going to happin to me cause I am alive and tellin you this story right? Sorry grandpa. It's ok my little curious chicky. Any way there I was tryin to weave through the big mob of whites and a few blacks but the blacks weren't cheerin then I had a bad feelin bout segregation, violence, and racism.


          Finally I reached the front of the mob and I saw nine black teenagers walking into the front door of Central High School carrying books. Then I had realized what was goin on. I knew from the bottom of my heart that these kids felt terrified and wanted to be safe and equal and be just as well educated as whites and they were brave and ready to be brave and be taught but, I bet they never really thought that there idea was ever goin to be so violent, scary, and being made fun of and mistreated. I could tell by there faces when they would glance back at the mob in shock how terrified they were. I never felt so compassionate before for these poorly treated children. I had a idea that would help advance there self esteem and hope for a change and a better life. This idea could help them continue school and be brave and get out there in the world no matter how others thought bout them and do the impossible...


          Grandpa PLEASE just tell me your idea. This is my last question just please tell me... Patience is key. I am sorry my little one but, your going to have to hold your horses the answer to your question is coming up soon unless you don't want me to finish the story... NO NO NO please continue telling your story. Ok if you say so. Where was I? Oh yes at the part when my idea came to mind. Back to the story... I was so concerend bout my idea that I decided to try and find the "Little Rock Nine" students and tell them well, really ask them. I caught the students sneakin out the back door of the school to try and avoid any violence or angry mobs. When I ran up to them I knew I frightend them but, I told them it was ok. I decided to ask them about my idea. So I asked them, " I was wondering if all of you would like to come to my church every Sunday early to avoid angry mobs or whites so that I could teach you bout God more and give you more hope, spirt, and braver so you won't step down from what you are succeeding in and striving to do in the future. They said ya to my idea and every early Sunday morning they would come to my church and I would preach to them and inspire them. Grandpa do you remember some of there names? Ya my sweety pie would you like me to tell you them? Ya of course Grandpa... Ok well there names where Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Jefferson Thomas, Dr. Terrence Roberts, Carlotta Walls, Minnijean Brown Trickey, Gloria Ray Karlmark, Thelma Mothershed, and Melba Pattillo Beals. Once again back to the story. Where was I oh o.k. one of mine and there favorite preachings went like this, " Do you want to succeed in life? Do you want to step up and succeed and believe and have hope in what you are doing? Do you want to be well educated and be treated the same as whites? Do you want to help others and be a famous brave role model? Are you willing to die, be threatened, or be scared to death for your succes? Are you goin to be brave and ignore the white racism and Jim Crow Laws? Most of all are you willin to make a difference in the future? You are the people to make this difference and step up to your and blacks rights. We are equal and just because our skin color is different color we can be better than whites and have better minds and souls. It's not what counts on the oustide but, the inside. You are the future and you the Little Rock Nine will make a difference some way or another. And I am ready to see the future and ignore the past and live on. I have hope in the Little Rock Nine."


          WOW, grandpa you were amazing! Thank you my little princess. What happenned at the end grand pa? Well, they kept hope and they succeed in life and look were we are now. We are free and just as equal as whites. The "Little Rock Nine" kept up there hard work and determination for a long time and after a long time it paid off. The "Little Rock Nine" didn't change history all by themselves but right by the side of all the other black role models that helped change history. Remember always be determind and keep fighting for your rights no matter what... I love you my little sweety. "Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite."





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