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Male marcher

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago
*	Dear Barbara, March/8/1965     I hope you and the kids are ok. I am worried more than ever
because well I am not there to protect you and the kids. What if there is another rampage?
Who will protect you? I am so sorry for scaring you. I do not know if you know where I am
writing to you from. Well I don't know how to tell you because if I tell you will come
straight here and punch the guards and pull me out by my ears. Then you will get killed.
I just gave it away didn't I. Well I am in so, how are the kids? Can little Maggie talk?
Can John eat by himself now? Is Todd in school now? O.K. well I am in jail. I
went out and fought for what I believed in. Now this is just a test to see how true
you are to your heart and mind. That is what I think of it. Oh you are probably
wondering how I got the paper. When I got up on March, 7 I knew that I might go

to jail so I put a pen, paper, stamps, and envelopes in my pocket , It was the word on the block

for the people that marched. I am so sorry for not telling you it is just the kids
are so young. Our oldest child is 6. I know I promised that I would be with you through
the kids life because when your father left you it was not the same. I think that I made
an impact on the way our kids and their kids live. I know what you are thinking yeah
without you their father and grand father but I know that one day this march, the Selma
march will at least make a lot of people think how they treated our ancestors, our
grandparents, our family, our neighbors, and half of the south. Oh and go over to the
Hill's but bring some of your secret soup the one that Miss Hill likes. Bring it to her
and in a nice way, and tell her that Joe Hill has died. Tell her that he bled to death.
If she ask how he got the cuts tell her she would not want to know. Tell John, Todd, and
Maggie to play with there kids no matter what even if it means no treats for a week. Hugs
and kisses to everyone. Hope to see you soon?
Love you all, Edwards S. Lewis
*	Dear Eddie, March/9/1965
I am so scarred. I miss you so much. The kids say hi. We all miss you. I have to
sing the good night song by myself. Do you know how hard that is to do both parts? The high
and the low chorus. I told the Hill's everything that you told me to. I thought it would be
much worse. The kids got the treath loud and clear I even made Momma's Secret Surprise cake
with lots of icing. I put it on top of the refrigerator so they can see it but can't get it.
It is making them crazy. I really wish that you could see them they are getting so big and you
left when they were learning something very special. The Hills are coming to our house to Sunday
brunch. I love you so come home soon. Well the least you can write so I know your ok.
Love you,
P.S. I am not going over there to bail you out by your ears but you know I have the guts.
*	Dear Barbra, March/11/1965
I love you more. Do you want to know why I marched? I was brushing up on my history and saw how
the south stood up for what they believed in. They left the country. Abraham Lincoln was the president
during the Civil War. He is my favorite president. He fought for this country to be the way that
he belived it should be. He fought like I fought. He died for his country and more important his heart.
When he died people saw how true he was to his heart. He died exactly one hundred years ago and well
to tell you the truth I think I will not make it home. People here come and go. It is hard to understand.
I know you do not want to hear it. A lot of people don't believe it or even go through denial. Please I
love you so much the kids need you so much. Just be there for them. I love you and well me sitting in
jail ceil makes me think really hard. If Lincoln was such a great man for dying in honor of his country.
Then that makes me a greater man for dying because of my beliefs. Please be the best wife possible you
have to believe that please. I am thinking positive. I want you to send some pictures of the kids if you
could. Since this is so hard for everone you can have the kids take a piture of one thing they love with
their full heart. Tell them it is because daddy loves them with a full heart. I want you to send them as
soon as possible. I love you all so much. Hugs and kiss to everyone.
Love you all, Edwards S. Lewis (daddy)
*	Dear Eddie,
It took me a while because I had to copy the pictures. I love you wait correction we all love you so much,
When will you be coming back home? I need to hold you in my arms. We are all ok. No one has broken in. Mrs.
Hill says hi. I sent the pictures in a big envelope because if I sent it with is they would get messy. They are good
pictures to. I have a question that has been haunting me for the answer. When you write you act so calm. How do you do
it? Are you angry all the time? Please answer this. Well I love you more than I love my self.
I love you, Barbara
His faverate thing his book
 his faverate thing his daddy





her faverate thing is her doll





  *                       Dear family,

    I love you guys so much. Listen to what I thought of while I saw your pictures. Todd can you read the book or do you

just look at the pictures. I am still proud of you. John I love your picture. Am I really your favorite thing? Maggie I love

your doll and miss putting it to bed. I have been gone for a while what is your dolls name? 

    Daddy loves you all so much



           *       Dear Barbra

    I love the pictures thank you so much. I was thinking it is one hundred years after the Civil War end but we are still fighting today. That does not make sence to me. I just do not get it. Oh and by the way do you think of me a better man then Abraham Lincoln? I am not going crazy. If I were would I be coming next month. Since I was so good they are letting me out. I love you and if you really loved me you would kiss the cards your sending to me so I know your ok. Please do not tell the kids I am coming home. I want it to be a big surprise.


 Love you all, Eddie





   *   Dear Eddie, March/23/1965

   I love you and I am thrilled that you are coming home. The kids have no idea that you are coming home. Do you know the day?

I would love for it to be soon. I miss your voice. It has been haunting me. It is saying, come get me. Help me now. Free me. I know better and you told me that you would be fine and that you do not want me to go over there. I heard a local rev. named Martin was in the march. Is he nice? He looks like a fine young fellow. You should invite him over for dinner sometime. I was looking over your letters and I saw how smart you were. I loved how you marched. It was the right thing and maybe you being in jail is all god wants to happen. You never were that wise until you went to jail. Maybe you can teach Todd how to read. I want to march sometime soon and you stay home with the kids. Does that sound fair? Well it does to me. How are you going to get home?



       I love you so much Love, Barbara





       Dear Barbara,   March/26/1965

    By the time you get this I will be right next to you holding your hand. I love you and the kids so much. I have to go now and work in the assigned area.

I am fine now that I am coming home tomorrow. I do like that rev named Martin Luther King Jr. He is really nice. I have a friend that is coming home with me

His name is Josh. He lost his family in some rampages so he marched right next ot me. I would love for him to be with our family so he can feel at home.



            I Love you so much that I would break out of jail if that means me seeing your beautiful face.


                              Love Eddie

 P.S. I am not going to do that but like you I have the guts!










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