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     Pesident Lincoln has just been been shot at Fords Theater on Friday the 14 , 1865 ,while watching Our American Cousin. He was shot at 10:15P.M. after his bodygaurd John Parker left his post. He is now in critical contition. He was shot by John W. Booth. He entered the box with a single shot 6-inch Derringer pistol. The bullet entered Lincolns head just above his left ear. Booth, who is an actor, was born on May 10, 1838.  This has led to the question, could this have been prevented?

    What we know now is that this was pland out and Booth had multiple partners to help him. Lincoln arived at the theater at 8:30 P.M. with the presidential party. Booth arived an hour later on his horse and went next store to a bar a got a drink. At 10:07  Booth enterd the theater and headed to the box were Lincoln was. After he shot Lincoln he stbed Rathbone and jumped out of the box and landed about 11 feet down onto the stage. When he landed he broke a bone right above his ancle. He went out a back door and got on his horse and road off. Booth had several conspirators, Samuel Arnold, Michael O'Laughlen, John Surratt, Lewis Powel, George Atzerodt, and David Herold. Booth got this all planed because he wanted to get revange for the south because he thought it was Lincoln who caused all the paine and ill for the south.

    I think this could have been pervented if Lincoln had more gaurds around his box, also i think that there being only one gaurd to get passed, Booth had a easy entrance. Booth could have been stopped if there where guards next to the door not a guard, also the gun that Booth used was a single shot pistol. He shot the guard at the entrance and while he was walking up the spirel stair case he reloaded and shot Lincoln in the back of the head near the ear.  Plus Booth carried a knife that he slit the generals arm sitting next to lincoln when he was trying to protect Lincoln.



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