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Lincoln Shot!!!!!!!!

What started out as a happy and enjoyable play turned out to be one of the most tragic nights in American history!

~By Anisa Threlkeld and Nicole Glass


 Two days ago,on April 14th,1865,our beloved leader and president,Abraham Lincoln was assasinated at the Ford's Theater in Washington.I was given the job of investigating and reporting on the crime.

   Right now I am at the scene of the crime of Lincoln's assasination . It is two days after the assasination, at the Ford's theater. Right now nobody is at the theater, it's just me investigating. As I was investigating I noticed something that could have helped to  stop Booth from shooting Lincoln. Lincoln, I noticed did not have very good security . I'm guessing that if Lincoln would have had 2 or 3 security guards standing right outside the door that led to his box, then there would have been no possible way for Booth to shoot our beloved president, .I hope that security is increased for our future president,because if that did not happen it could have been prevented. I also discovered a door with a hole in it while I was exploring. I concluded that Booth could have gotten a perfect veiw of Lincoln from the hole in the door which gave him the opportunity to know when to shoot him. Now that our beloved president has been shot I think that our country will have even more problems reuniting and joining back together without the smarts and ideas of president Lincoln.Many of the americans who hae heard the news,are shocked.How could someone as amazing as Lincoln,be dead?Why did it happen?I wondered this myself,and set out to undestand these questions .This is what I found out:-Nicole

   John Wilkes Booth was born in 1838.He was a southern man,and blamed President Lincoln for all of the South's problems.In 1864 he got together a group of co-conspirators and planned to kidnap Lincoln and bring him to Richmond.However,their plan failed after Lincoln decided not to go to the place they were planning to kidnap him at.Then, after the Civil War ended Lincoln suggested voting rights to certain Black people.After that,Booth decided to kill him. He heard that Lincoln would be attending the play My American Cousin at the theater,and he decided to kill him there.He arrived and watched Lincoln's guard until he left his position.Then,he slipped in and struggled with Henry Rathbone,a man in Lincoln's box.He stabbed him in the arm and then shot Lincoln in the back.He then jumped eleven feet onto the stage below,snapping his Fibula bone.He escaped out the back door and jumped on his horse.He went to the home of a Dr.Mudd who was in his group of conspirators.The doctor mended his wound.Meanwhile in Washington,Lincoln had died at The Peterson House across from the theater at around 7:22 AM.Right now,the government is tracing Booth and his group,they will be severely punished when found.-Anisa

   The question is,what will the country do now?Vice-President Andrew Johnson will be sworn into office,and the plans for reconstruction will continue.Though,I am not sure if the country will ever be whole again without Lincoln's guidance.All we can do is hope there will be a brighter future ahead and that our country will find a way.-Both

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