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Friend 2

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

Wiki Story

By: Matthew Bishop

Viewpoint: Close friend

Topic: MLK- speeches, arrests, and assassination.


I was shocked when I read the newspaper article that Dr. King had been assassinated. Horror took over as I read more about the tragic event and I could feel anger rising inside of me. “Why???” I thought, “Why would someone do such a thing??? What did Dr. King ever do to them? He was a peaceful man and was also a dear friend of mine. This is what he got for all he did for equal Civil Rights for African Americans??!!! He didn’t deserve to be killed!!!”


I think that his ‘I Have a Dream” speech was the most important speech that he ever gave. It sent everyone who was at the rally that day a message that they would never forget. That message was that one day all races “will sit at the table of brotherhood.” It also showed one other thing: that every African American longs for the day when they will finally be treated as equals, like being able sit wherever they want to on a bus or in a restaurant and having equal access to schools, jobs, and opportunities. Dr. King dared to dream a big dream and I was proud to know that I had a friend who wasn’t afraid to speak out.


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