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Father 7

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When segregating schools was declared unconstitutional, and the blacks were going to be intregrating with the whites, I was excited. I was overjoyed when I found out that the NAACP had enrolled my very own son, Ernest Green at Little Rock Central Highschool. But when I foound out what sort of abuse he had to live through, I flipped out.


Segregationist and racists had been protesting the integrating of schools. Soon Governor Orvil Faubus had deployed the Arkansas National Gaurd to block the students from entering the school. Luckily, the governor had been ordered to withdraw the National Gaurd, but hundreds of protesters were still entrenched around the school. They had to slip the my boy and the rest of those kids into the school in secret! But wait, the worst hasn't come yet. When the protesters found out they were inside they confronted the outnumbered police! They were escorted out again!


On the 24 of September they were escorted into the school by the 101st airborne division. These brave nine children had to endure atleast a year of verbal and physical abuse in return for a good education.


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