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Civil Rights Story Directions

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You are going to research with your group an event that took place during the American Civil Rights movement. Then you are going to create a fictional story about a person’s life experience during that event, describing what it was like, how did he or she feel {emotions}, how did it effect his or her family, etc…. I encourage you to be creative and to "think outside the box."


You may not include the following:


1. Inappropriate terms of any kind


2. Modern references.. Writing about modern times.


3. Graphic details of violent acts





You may add to your story anytime and as many times as you would like. Each student will have his or her own wiki page to write on, if you change or add to another student’s story you will fail this portion of the project.


What I must read in your story for you to receive a good grade:


1. Correct facts, dates, and people of the event you are researching.


2. How did your event affect your character’s life, African Americans and the country?


3. Does your character think the event helped or hurt African Americans quest for racial equality?


4. Descriptions about life at that time as experienced by your character… “what was it like to live as a African American student?” etc..


5. Detailed descriptions of life during the Civil Rights movement. {1950’s and 1960’s America}


6. I encourage you to create others characters but be sure they relate to you and your story.


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