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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

            Presindent Shot and Killed! Killer Still Loose!

At Fords Theater last night President Abraham Lincoln was watching the play Our American Cousin when an assassin came up behind him and shot the president right above the right ear. President Lincoln was in cridical condision in the night and died this morning right across the street from The Fords Theater. This is a day that will be remembered in history, but in a bad way. The Assassin jumped onto the stage and shouted,"Sic semper tryannis" which means Thus always to tyrants. There will be a hunt for this man and we'll catch him I am assured.

     I belive that Lincolns assassination will be hugely significant because teh war has just ended and Lincoln had a plan to help the South get back into the Union again, but now with Andrew Johnson as president I think it'll be horrible. I say this because he used to own slaves and now he is president! I think that the future of America maybe heading down the wrong road.

 Connor McCarthy

    In later reports our top reporters have found out that John Wilkes Booth was the murderer of Abraham Linclon! The goverment is offering up to 100,000 dollars to anyone who can capture John Booth and bring him back. In later investigastions our reporters have found out that first John Booth stabbed Linclon's gaurd with a 7 and one eighth inch knife to kill him. After the murder of the gaurd John Booth looked through a hole in the wall made for the gaurd to look in at the president to see if the president was still watching the play.

    After the murder John Booth jumped 20 feet of a balcony onto the stage to make his daring escape. After jumping 20 feet down John Booth went to Samuel  Mudd (doctor) for medical help. Later after Samuel Mudd helped john Booth he was arrested. Shortly after that Samuel was givin a presidental pardon. Samuel waas givin the pardon because it was provin that he didn't know that John Booth had done a highly illegal thing.

Michael Akin


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