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Disaster at Ford's Theatre

By: Mary Martha and Jessica


"Our great president meets his end"

April 15, 1865


          Just yesterday (April 14) a terrible occurance happened at Ford's Theater.  President Lincoln, his wife, and  two other people were in the  President's box, enjoying a new play called Our American Cousin when suddenly a gun shot rang through the theater.  Our president had been shot! 

       After we'd calmed Mrs. Lincoln, she did an exclusive interview with us.  She informed us that the murderer was John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate who doesn't agree with Lincoln's ways.  "I heard a loud shot right behind me!"  Mrs. Lincoln informs us through sobs, "I screamed and spun around.  And there, standing with a satisfied leer on his face was John Booth.  Brave Henery Rathbone, who was sitting in the box with us tried to defend Abraham, but then Booth stabbed his arm!" Henrey Rathbone is currently unable to comment.

        Booth's shot, aimed at Lincolns head, lodged slightly above his left ear. Booth shot him with a six inch-single shot derriger pistol which was found lying in the box.  The first to come to Lincoln's aid was army doctor, Dr. Charles Augustus Leal.  Leal restored Lincoln's breathing and assisted the moving of Lincoln's body across the street to the Peterson House, but he already knew it was too late.  Lincoln died early this morning. 


    After the unfortunate events  at Ford's Theatre, the Union is shocked with the sudden "death attempt" of President Lincoln. Booth is on the run and has not be sighted since last night. Lincoln's body is currently lying in the warehouse across the street from Ford's Theatre until further decisions on where to bury him. (For pictures of the gun and more see page C2)




Booth is currently on the run. Anyone who finds him will win a prize of $100,000. If you are unarmed, DO NOT APPROACH THIS MAN! HE MAY BE ARMED!



By Mary Martha and Jessica


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